The Mosin Nagant rifle is a popular firearm, especially for new gun owners. It’s low price and affordable ammo makes it very attractive for shooters on a budget. Other than the rifle here is a list of what we consider the must have accessories for your Mosin Nagant.


This is the most obvious answer, you need ammo to shoot your rifle. Here are a few shops we recommend:

Cleaning Supplies

The Mosin usually comes with the very basic cleaning supplies needed to keep the rifle in working order. These supplies worked for the Red Army for decades, but these days there are better alternatives to help keep your Mosin clean. Here are a few supplies we recommend.

Gun Bore Solvent
If you’re shooting corrosive surplus ammo through your Mosin then a good gun bore solvent is a must, we recommend Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaning Solvent. It’s tried and true and has been the go to gun solvent for years. It’ll help clean out all the corrosive salts out of your barrel. It’s only a couple bucks on Amazon.

While there’s nothing wrong with a cleaning rod and patches, the Boresnake makes cleaning your barrel a much more simpler task. They’re pretty cheap too at under $15 shipped.

A tried and true cleaning must have, CLP short for Cleans Lubricates and Protects does what the name implies. It can be used for both cleaning and lubricating as well as protecting your firearm from rust. If you’re shooting corrosive ammo I would definitely recommend a bore solvent as stated above, something like Hoppe’s No. 9. After using that I then use CLP to clean and protect the barrel of my Mosin. Break-Free CLP is a a good brand I’ve used for years. It’s around $6.99 on Amazon too.

Cleaning Rod
If you’re not a fan of Boresnakes a good cleaning rod is a must. Mosin’s come with a cleaning rod, but I like to use either a brass or Nylon coated cleaning rod to help protect the crown of the barrel.


Mosin usually come with a sling when you buy them from retailers, sometimes they don’t however or they get lost when buying when second hand from someone. A good sling is a must, in case you’ve lost yours here’s a repo Soviet sling.

Ammo and cleaning supplies are a must for any firearm, with the Mosin Nagant not much is needed other than what we stated above, cleaning supplies and a sling as well as ammo is all you need to enjoy your Mosin. Below are accessories that aren’t really needed but are nice to have and can make your Mosin much more enjoyable to shoot.